Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If you are one of the 5 people on the planet who has not seen the latest somewhat controversial article in the August issue of Vanity Fair featuring in the role of the villain/hero (depending on your viewpoint) yours truly; well then here is the link

I have written several article on erosion and coastal processes and why coastal banks and beaches are necessary and important parts of our island home. In the next few weeks post them here as I share some of the recent island science and news stories. What to do about seals and erosion, if anything, are the hot topics this summer.

View from beach of eroding coastal bank and our dorm and web cam
The Field Station itself is only 40 feet from an eroding bluff, so we'll be making plans to move our dorm and classroom. For now, it is a wonderful place to see geology exposed (layers of clay, sand, and mud can easily be seen), history exposed (old ships and student experiments are unearthing themselves) and anthropology (middens and Wampanoag points and other relics of the original inhabitats of Nantucket are found frequently on our beach.

Join me in this beach journey,,not your average stroll in the surf but it should be interesting.

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