Sunday, August 22, 2010

link to all that went before

there are so many ways to skin a cat; and man, do they hate all of them. I have been writing a blog for a long time (poorly and very sporadically if a blog post once every 6 months even counts as sporadic) which can be found at
and I am attempting to migrate it to Blogger in the hopes of actually posting more frequently. Let me know what you think!

migrating from angelfire

I keep complaining to myself and ignoring my complaints about why I never post to my blog and how I can best include all the adventures that seem to happen every day. Well not only am I bad about listening to myself; but I also manage to get out a 2000 word article every week, so gosh darn it, I should be able to get up a fresh blog entry. I plan to try and migrate this blog to blogger or wordpress; so hopefully my two readers will join me. And each week I'll introduce a blog or topic that interests me and hopefully you. This week I recommend you check out:
Mark Doty and Paul Lisicky gave a reading last night at the Atheneum and not only did I find both their work striking, but I also thought they were two of the sunniest nicest people I have met in a while.  My adventures have continued this weekend with my "sermon" at the UU entitled "Nature Bats Last" which I will clean up and post and my meeting of a historian/writer/former professor/current activist and seeker and silicon valley entrepreneur who will be working on a history of Cotton Mather, the church and religion as it evolved on Nantucket with a big helping of Thoreau for dessert. The picture of the week is a snapping turtle in honor of Mark's poem