Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's News

Right now I am completely redoing the UMass Boston Nantucket Field station website (    ---- new version live on Friday January 6th). It will be faster, stronger, and capable of leaping tall buildings. I should be able to update it more, just like I hope to update this blog more often.I've had a lot of help with that site and it shows.

Just like many typical Monday after the holidays: we have a very dead whale carcass on the sand on the south side of the island. I think it is kind of beautiful, bleached bone with very old and leathery skin. An observant and helpful beach wlaker reported it and if I get permission to post the pics, I will.

Len's blog has been excellent lately; check it out at
Resolution #7643........ post more often, even if you only have time to post something short. Here is the rest of my New Year's resolution that I posted on Facebook.Note: it sounded better in my head at the time.

my lovely and intelligent friend G *****n (redacted to protect the innocent) asked about resolutions- I am not big on them- but here is my attempt this year:

most days will not be like today (for one thing 8-9 + hours of work makes this harder), but hope to make them more like this everyday. Do 1 thing for each person/entity in your life everyday including yourself. My list for today (1/2 done is)
1. For me- jog/run/walk 2 miles every morning on treadmill- done- bit hard with a wee hangover but I managed- passed the 200 mile mark on the treadmill- goal this year 400 miles
2. for hubby - my part of cleaning the house (1/2), cook dinner (tradition new years day dinner: duck, collard greens, black eyed peas not the band- or maybe the band) and make low sugar choc chip cookies- in progress
3. For dog - nice long walk from mile marker 5 almost to altar rock and back- done and beautiful this morning- did not get accidentally shot by deer hunters a plus
4. for cats - change litter box and order them a new water bowl, extra petting- thankfully they do not need much
5. For field station- meet with birders tonight at 700; organize shop downstairs (day off so only an hour for that - done)
6. For friends - hang out tonight for dinner and drinks at 800 (past Len's bedtime) -done
7. For "Greater good"/world or whomever"- recycle and pass along old clothes I get rid of today to someone who needs them (and has even less fashion sense than me which may be tough) and schedule first urban school trip to field station for 2011- work on blog- hey this is long enough to be my blog entry; even got rid of my old futon
Tada!: My resolution - do something for each of these above as best as I can everyday and don't beat myself up when I can't - should be on resolution list- be less wordy; but I know my limits :-)
okay you can wake up now

I don't know if you are like me, but as soon as I list resolutions, I think of about 100 more I should have listed. Honestly, every day should be a new resolution day; like a self referential form of Groundhog's day. Maybe mine newest new one should be to watch "Zombieland" once a week. I am pretty sure I can keep that one.

last but not least- a cute youtube video of polar bears vs. scientific observation cameras (guess who wins)

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